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Where's Your Personal Data?
The Use and Abuse of Consumer Information

Fireside Chat - January 17, 2007
Presented by the Dartmouth Centers Forum, Center for Digital Strategies, and the Allwin Initiative

Tech@Tuck: Managing Consumer Data
Tech@Tuck: Managing Consumer Data
Hanover, NH
January 10, 2007

Press Release
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Wednesday, January 17 at 8:30pm
Cohen Great Hall, Whittemore Hall
at the Tuck School of Business

As the technology and methods for accumulating and analyzing personal information become more sophisticated, the use of this data for commercial purposes raises questions about the violation of consumer privacy.

This Fireside Chat featured Katherine Bryant, VP, Consumer Advocacy from ChoicePoint and Robert Ellis Smith, publisher of the Privacy Journal. In the discussion, moderated by Professor Richard Shreve, we discussed how data is collected and processed, what protections are in place, and where there are risks of abuse.

* This event was co-sponsored by the Dartmouth Centers Forum and the Allwin Initiative for Corporate Citizenship, and supported this year's Dartmouth Centers Forum theme of Freedom and Technology.

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