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CIB Podcast Archive

Enjoy these CIB podcasts from our archives.


America on the Selling Block

As a guest on NPR's On Point, center senior associate director Matthew Slaughter posits that foreign direct investment, such as InBev’s acquisition of Anheuser-Busch, benefits the U.S. economy and workers. (July 2008) >>

Trade and Business Relationships Between the U.S. and India

Listen in as Ron Somers, President of the U.S.-India Business Council shares what he views are the biggest opportunities and challenges of doing business in India today. (Interview by MBA Fellow Deepika Chauhan T'08)(May 2008) >>

The Changing Business Landscape in India

Arun K. Nanda, Executive Director & President of the Infrastructure Development Sector for Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, comments on how the reforms in India have transformed its business climate and the changes his company has made to become a global player. (Interview by MBA Fellow Deepika Chauhan T'08)(May 2008) >>

Team of Tuck Students Participate in International Negotiation Challenge

Listen in as Tuck first years Bart Van Nuffel, Nitesh Dixit, and Anja Veckenstedt share highlights from their participation in The Negotiation Challenge, Europe's first and only international negotiation challenge. The event took place in Leipzig, Germany from April 3-6, 2008. (Interview by MBA Fellow Dan Boldin T'08)(May 2008) >>

Doing Business in Europe

David L. Calhoun, Chairman, Executive Board & CEO of The Nielsen Company, comments on what its like running a Dutch/American company and the differences in doing business in Europe vs. the U.S. (Interview by MBA Fellow Cristina Henrik T'08) (April 2008)  

Serving Global Clients in a Diverse Europe

Rick Bertasi D'84 T'88, Vice President & General Manager of Global Workplace Solutions, EMEA, at Johnson Controls, shares what its like managing a global workforce. In particular, he focuses on the pros and cons of the business environment in Europe. (Interview by student Louisa Roberts T'08) (April 2008)  

Tuck '07 Joins New Office in India for Parthenon

Sumit Saxena T'07 speaks to us from Mumbai, India about why he chose the Tuck School to pursue his MBA and how his Tuck education has helped him be successful in his current position as Principal of The Parthenon Group in Mumbai, India. (Interview by MBA Fellow Dan Boldin T'08) (February 2008)  

The Evolution of the Newspaper Industry in the Electronic Era

Alan Murray, Executive Editor Online for The Wall Street Journal, shares his insights on the challenges and opportunities of running a newspaper in today's highly competitive electronic marketplace. (Interview by MBA Fellow Deepika Chauhan T'08)(February 2008)  

Paganucci Fellows Study the Microfinance Industry

The Dartmouth Paganucci Fellows share the results of their research on the microfinance industry. Their survey results, research findings, and white paper are now being used by MBA students at Tuck in a newly developed course. (Interview by MBA Fellow Srivatsa Desikamani T'08) (November 2007) 

The State of the Microfinance Industry (Duration: 8:57) 
The Challenges Faced by the Industry (Duration: 8:43) 

Outsourcing and Offshoring to India

Peter Sidebottom, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Planning and Strategic Initiatives with Wachovia and former McKinsey partner, discusses how he led the outsourcing and offshoring initiative for Wachovia. (Interview by MBA Fellow Deepika Chauhan T'08) (November 2007)  

Tuck Alum Speaks on Leading his Family's Business in the Global Economy

Alex Schwoerer T'02 and Co-CEO of Peri-Formwork Systems, Inc. discusses the opportunities and risks associated with operating his family's business in the global economy. (Interview by CIB Staff Member Lisa Green) (November 2007) 

Michael Chu on the Microfinance Industry

Michael Chu D'68, Managing Director and General Partner of Pegagus Capital and former President & CEO of ACCION International shares his views on the future of the microfinance industry. (Interview by Dartmouth Paganucci Fellows Lauren Penneys D'08 and Desmond Ang D'08) (October 2007) 

Nancy Barry on the Microfinance Industry

Nancy Barry, President of NBA Enterprise Solutions to Poverty and former President of Women's World Banking, shares her views on the future of the microfinance industry. (Interview by Dartmouth Paganucci Fellows Lauren Penneys D'08 and Desmond Ang D'08) (October 2007) 

Business Relations Between the EU and US

Listen in on a conversation with four Tuck students who recently returned from the Interstate Programme, a conference held in Brussels, Belgium about doing business in the EU. (Interview by MBA Fellow Dan Boldin T'08) (October 2007)  

Management Skills and Africa's Healthcare Crisis

Dr. Lola Dare who leads CHESTRAD and ACOSHED in Nigeria, discusses the links between Africa's healthcare crisis and economic development in the region and why she supports the development of business schools and sound management training in Africa. (Interview by MBA Fellow Deepika Chauhan T'08) (September 2007) 

Globalization, Business and Public Policy

Professors Andrew Bernard and Matthew Slaughter of the Center for International Business at Tuck discuss their thoughts on the impact of globalization on business education, firms, and public policy. (Interview by CIB Associate Director Lisa Miller) (August 2007)

Globalization and the 21st Century MBA (Duration: 6:55) 
The Emergence of China and India (Duration: 9:53)  
The Rise of Protectionism (Duration: 10:01)  

John Owens T'61 Discusses the Tuck Global Consultancy Program

John Owens T'61, Director of the Tuck Global Consultancy Program, discusses why he thinks the TGC program is one of Tuck's most popular programs and its impact on Tuck students.