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CIB International Arena Speakers:

Tuck Overseers Panel

Moderated by Senior Associate Dean Robert Hansen

Event Details

October 16, 2009

Back From the Abyss? The Global Economy in the Wake of the Crisis
Tuck School of Business


A panel of Tuck Overseers from both sides of the Atlantic discussed whether a global economic recovery is underway, and what hopeful or discouraging signs they have seen from their geographic and professional vantage points. They also addressed recovery prospects for different countries or regions, and the aftereffects of the crisis, from new regulation to changes in global trade patterns.


Elyse Allan D’79 T’84

President and CEO

General Electric Canada

Noreen Doyle T’74

Retired First Vice President,

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Thomas Flexner T’78

Global Head of Real Estate