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Microfinance as a vehicle for alleviating global poverty is a focus
area at Tuck, Dartmouth, and the CIB.

CIB Director Andrew Bernard serves on the Faculty Council of
the ACCION International Center for Financial Inclusion and he
and Professor Richard McNulty have taught about microfinance
at Tuck.

In addition, Tuck and Dartmouth students have collaborated on microfinance-related research through the Tuck Societal
and Dartmouth-Tuck Paganucci Fellows programs.

Paganucci Fellows Report 2007: The Global State of Microfinance

Paganucci Fellows Report 2008: Human Capital and Microfinance

Paganucci Fellows Report 2009: A Methodological Approach to
Financial Access Metrics

For more information on microfinance at Tuck, please contact
the CIB.