CIB Online Winter 2010

(Left to Right) Senior Associate Dean Robert Hansen and Stefán Halldórsson T’88.

Iceland's Deep Freeze: Icelandic Alum Takes Students Behind the Scenes of a Major Economic Crisis

Stefán Halldórsson T’88, former President and CEO of the Iceland Stock Exchange and retired CEO of the Engineers Pension Fund, discussed the root causes of the collapse of the Icelandic banking sector and the subsequent economic crisis. There is no simple explanation, as shown by the repeated delay in the publication of the report of the commission established by the Icelandic Parliament to seek the truth relating to the events.

Halldórsson also explored the Icesave dispute. A national referendum will be held on March 6th on the Icelandic president's veto of the legislation regarding the payment of  British and Dutch authorities for covering deposits in the U.K. and Netherlands branches of the fallen Landsbanki bank.  He wrapped up by talking about the main scenarios for Iceland’s economic recovery and the key policy issues to be decided.

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CIB's Winter Arena Speaker Series

How Israel Went
from Oranges to High-Tech

The Consul General of Israel to New England, Nadav Tamir, spoke about Israel's economic success story and its jump from a purely agricultural society to one of the world's leaders in the high-tech sector. Currently, Israel is second only to the U.S. for the most companies trading on NASDAQ.

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Winning in the Global Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

(Left to right) John Jove T'89, Professor Peter Golder, and Nigel Hollis

John Jove T'89, VP of Internatinal Retail Sales at Pepsico, and Nigel Hollis, Chief Global Analyst at Millward Brown, drew on many years of experience in the global consumer packaged goods industry to discuss the consumer and channel surprises that they have encountered in markets outside their home countries. The panel, which was moderated by Tuck Professor Peter Golder, also explored  the process of getting up to speed in a new country, and the internal and external challenges that the panelists have faced while doing so. They finished by talking about the emerging markets outside of the BRIC countries that should be on the industry's radar screen.

John Jove T'89, Pepsico
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Nigel Hollis, Millward Brown
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Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets: Kenya’s First International Outsourcing Company

Nicholas Nesbitt D'85 Th'87, the founder and CEO of KenCall, Kenya's first international call center, spoke about the challenges of starting a new venture in an emerging market.  He highlighted the political, economic, and social impact of launching the company and competing in the global outsourcing movement.

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Upcoming Spring Events

Learning Expeditions Take Off

During the next two weeks, two groups of students will be going to either Brazil or South Africa led by either a Faculty or Staff member. The students will visit a variety of business-related organizations, participate in cultural activities, and network with alums and other business people in casual settings.

For more information on the trips, click here.

CIB Highlights

The Center for International Business highlights an international topic of interest for a week during the academic year. These events are collaborations between the center and a student club or a student group who has shown great interest and understanding of an international issue or region. 

This spring the CIB will highlight:

  • Africa
  • Socially Responsible Global Supply Chains
  • Latin America

Stay tuned for more updates on the CIB website!!