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Tuck Annual International Conference panelists Valarie Feldmann, Mark Davis T'85, and Jeff Bi discuss China's globalization.

Bringing the Middle Kingdom to Tuck

This year's Tuck Annual International Conference, Dichotomy: Chinese Globalization and Foreign Localization, examined the duality between Chinese companies’ global expansion and foreign companies’ growth in China. The panelists discussed the strategy behind Chinese globalization efforts and the challenges the organizations face in the new markets. They also addressed questions regarding the increasing role of multinational corporations in China’s growing economy.

The conference featured Cuong Viet Do D'88 T'89, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Tyco Electronics, as keynote speaker as well as Annie Young Scrivner, Chief Marketing Officer and VP Sales, Quaker Foods & Snacks, as Lunch Speaker. A panel of Tuck students, who had experience in living in China, finished the day by sharing personal anecdotes about Chinese business and culture.

To learn more about the conference and to listen to audio recordings from the conference, please click the link below.

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Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Deputy President

Tsutomu (Tom) Tanaka T'77 Discusses Company Strategy

Following the demise of Japan's "bubble economy" in the 1990's, Mitsubishi focused on its core strength - Asia. At the same time, in the view of Mr. Tanaka, US and European investment banks "danced to the music of the money game," and evolved into hedge funds, leading to their current precarious position and precipitating the global financial crisis.

For Mitsubishi, today's economic environment presents a huge opportunity. To capitalize on this, the firm is taking many initiatives, including an investment in Kim Eng (ASEAN's largest brokerage firm) and a $9 billion investment in Morgan Stanley, and plans more of these types of investments in the future.

Mr. Tanaka discussed how the firm has adapted its global strategy to changing conditions, and has weathered, and prospered in, difficult economic times. He spoke as a part of the Global Capital Market Series.

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T'77s Go Back to Class with Tom Tanaka

Six classmates of Tom Tanaka came to Tuck for his talk on Mitsubishi's strategy in the current economic downturn.They also enjoyed a private lunch with Mr. Tanaka and his wife Keiko.

Those who attended were: Robin Carpenter, Ann Hargraves, Joanne Scott, Judy Walke, Bob Wallace, and Jonathan (Jona) Donaldson (not pictured in photo). This was a unique opportunity for a reunion because Mr. Tanaka currently resides in Japan.

New Affiliated Faculty Join the CIB

This spring professors Jackie Luan, Leslie Robinson, Phillip Stocken, and Anant Sundaram joined Matthew Slaughter as affiliated faculty of the center. This collaboration opens new doors for the center to use their expertise and guidance in its programming and student interactions.

To read more on each faculty member please click on their name below:

Jackie Luan
Leslie Robinson
Matthew Slaughter
Phillip Stocken
Anant Sundaram

CIB Announces 2009/10 MBA Fellows

Every academic year, the CIB selects several MBA Fellows. The Fellows are outstanding Tuck students with unique qualifications and diverse perspectives on global business.

They conduct research with center faculty and staff, and help shape the CIB's program portfolio. In addition, they have privileged access to distinguished
fellows 2009-2010 CIB Fellows starting from the back left: Suds Tirumala, Mauricio Sartori, Drew Wilkins, Hyeon Chang, Christine Lio-Soon-Shun, and Yoko Warita (Stone Shi not pictured)
center visitors, who include CEO's, government leaders, and noted journalists.

Our Fellows for the 2009-10 academic year are:

Hyeon Chang
Christine Lio-Soon-Shun
Mauricio Sartori
Zhu Shi
Sudershan Tirumala
Yoko Warita
Andrew Wilkins

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CIB Plans 2009/10 Learning Expeditions

Each year the CIB takes groups of Tuck students to selected host countries to experience different cultures and business environments firsthand. The students gain an invaluable experience of talking and networking business members in the host country and making important future contacts. In addition, they walk away with the knowledge of the best approaches to operating a successful company the host country's marketplace.

For the 2009-10 academic year, the CIB is planning trips to India, Brazil and South Africa. Each trip will have anywhere from 10 to 20 students. Most trips will also include a faculty advisor who will play a key role in introducing students to the culture and business community.

More on Learning Expeditions

Listen to Student Podcasts on 2009 Learning Expedition to China

Two China LE participants were interviewed about their experiences and perceptions of going to China.(Interview by CIB staff member Lisa Miller) (April 2009)

Fred McPherson T'09

Stone Shi T'10  


CIB Language Program a Success

During 2008-2009, the CIB launched a Spanish language group in conjunction with the Latin America Club. The students who participated held brief presentations in Spanish on current business and political trends, sports news, or historic/cultural aspects of Latin America.  After the presentation they would converse in Spanish in small breakout sessions with native speakers.

The language group was so successful that the CIB has decided to expand the program to offer additional non-credit introductory and conversation sessions. During the 2009-10 academic year, the program will offer a variety of language learning opportunities and conversion groups in Spanish and Mandarin. Stay tuned for updates as the year progresses.