Winter 2009

Tuck students visit Lenovo in China during CIB's Learning Expedition

A Professional Spring Break on the Other Side of the World

17 Tuck students participated in a 10-day learning expedition to China. The students visited four cities and eight organizations during spring break to learn about how business is currently conducted in the world's most populated country.

Beginning in Beijing, the students spent time exploring cultural sites of China's capital city before embarking on visits to companies located in Beijing, Hangzhou, Hohot, and Shanghai. They were accompanied by Tuck Assistant Professor of Business Administration Jackie Luan and Tuck Center for International Business Associate Director Lisa Miller. Among the companies they visited were Lenovo, Meng Niu (one of China’s largest dairy companies), Alibaba Group, and BMP Sunstone.

In addition to giving students valuable international business and cultural access, the trip gave them opportunities to welcome admitted students and meet with Tuck alumni at two planned receptions in Shanghai.

The China trip was the first of several Learning Expeditions Tuck's Center for International Business plans to offer. Each trip is expected to give students exceptional access to and understanding of the business environment of the host country.

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Nestlé Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe Advises Students on Global Leadershipbrabeck

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe assumed the top spot at Nestlé in 2008, after overseeing its strategic transformation into the world's foremost nutrition company. Since joining Nestlé in 1968, he has been in leadership positions in multiple countries, including Chile, Ecuador, and Switzerland. During his visit to Tuck, he shared his vast experience on what inspiring leadership means in today’s global economy and advised students on how to motivate their future co-workers. He spoke as a part of the Center for International Business' International Arena Speaker Series.


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Nick Padgett T'94 Shares Insights about Frontier Investing at Tuck

padgettNick Padgett co-founded Frontaura to invest in public companies in frontier markets after researching and visiting companies and stock exchanges in Africa. He has led many of Frontaura's more than 200 management visits with companies from 25 countries as part of an in-depth research approach.

In his talk, he addressed common questions about frontier investing, including:

  • What are frontier markets?
  • Are they investable?
  • Are they a fad?
  • Are they too risky?
  • Do they really offer uncorrelated returns to mainstream markets?
  • Why would anyone want to invest in them?
  • How is the global economic crisis affecting the markets?

Mr. Padgett spoke as a part of the Global Capital Markets Speaker Series. This year the series is examining the financial crisis from an international perspective. It will include three speakers and two podcasts. Mr. Padgett gave the second talk in the series.

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The Center's New Look

CIB websiteThe CIB launched a new and updated website in March. The main objective of the project was to increase user friendliness and to give the site a more modern feel.

We invite you to take a look and let us know your comments.

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CIB Sends Tuck Student to International Relations Conference

SudsThe Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) held a conference in Cambridge, MA on February 19-22, 2009.  This was the first in a series of three conferences focused on the most important issues facing the Asia-Pacific region today.  The other two conferences will be held later in the year in Korea and Japan.  It was entitled "Linking Minds: Challenges in 21st Century Asia" with topics that spanned development, globalization, public health, international relations, and cultural transformations.  Both domestic and international student delegates engaged in thoughtful conversations regarding critical issues affecting Asia and the world today. Preeminent speakers from Harvard University and beyond guided discussions and workshops.  

Sponsorship was offered by the CIB for one student to attend.  Interested applicants had to submit a short paragraph explaining why they should be chosen to go and how their attendance could benefit other students at Tuck.  Sudershan Tirumala, MBA Candidate, Class of 2010 was the chosen as our Tuck ambassador.   Please listen to Suds’s podcast that outlines his impressions and summary of this unique conference experience.

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The Center and the Tuck Healthcare Club Host the 3rd Tuck Global Healthcare Conference

Healthcare leaders from pharma, medical and venture capital firms gathered at Tuck to discuss the future of the pharmaceutical industry. The main question posed at this year's conference was, " Can the Pharmaceutical Industry Find New Paths to Success?"

A keynote speaker and two panels debated whether new partnerships in offshoring and outsourcing and/or new healthcare innovations could rescue the diminishing returns and increasing regulation that the pharmaceutical industry faces. The panels included two Tuck alumni, Errik Anderson T'07 and Julia Dan-Tu T'05.

For audio recording of the event and panelist presentations, please click the link below.

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