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Project Examples

Tuck Global Consultancy (TGC) offers international consulting services to the business community at an affordable cost. Since 1997, Tuck teams have completed 146 consulting projects for 95 clients in more than 45 countries. About one-third of clients are repeats. Here are some project examples:


New Products Introduction

This project measured potential opportunities in the production of sugarcane in Brazil for a global farm equipment manufacturer. While the company already produces and sells one piece of equipment to this industry, it wished to determine the most promising opportunities elsewhere in the value chain and how best to take advantage of them.  The Sao Paulo-based TGC team analyzed three main areas: 1) the profitability of a sugar mill; 2) the market size for mechanized planters and other equipment; and 3) the market for converting sugarcane waste into energy, and how to best take advantage of this opportunity.  The team traveled throughout Brazil to interview mill managers and sugarcane experts. 

Deliverables included a customer profitability model, a recommendation on how best to engage in the mechanized planting market, and an assessment of the most promising method of turning trash into energy and how the company can position itself in this market.  This was the third TGC project for this client.


Market assessment

This project analyzed the Latin American cable television access market in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.  The multi-national TGC team was headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with sub-teams dispatched to Chile and Argentina. Project work incorporated information obtained through approximately 50 interviews with customers, competitors, industry regulators, analysts, and internal client staff. 

For each country, the team delivered a comprehensive study that included market overview, customer focus, competitive landscape, and internal decision-making processes. The project culminated with overall recommendations focused on the client’s business model approach, solution offerings, sales processes, customer relations, and growth strategies. The TGC has completed four projects for this client.


Sales Channel Strategy

A recent sales slowdown prompted this client’s request for a TGC team to assess and recommend improvements to its current sales and channel partner strategy and operations in Japan, the largest Asian market for its products. The Tokyo-based team compared Japan to the rest of the Asia Pacific in terms of market penetration practices, sales and marketing value chain components, relative success using agents versus direct sales, and the cost of each.  The team interviewed 45 stakeholders and analyzed sales and cost data. 

Deliverables included specific short and long term recommendations by business unit for improving sales, customer relationships, and the channel partner strategy. The team outlined processes by which the client could maintain sales agents, change their incentive structure, and maximize their utility.  They also offered recommendations for increasing internal capacity if the client should ever decide to convert to direct sales.  The client responded by forming an agent management group to pursue a three-phase plan utilizing specifics of the team’s recommendations.


Market Assessment

As one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, this client has introduced a number of breakthrough treatments in several areas of medicine. Recently, the company developed a new surgical treatment for knee cartilage injury and deterioration – quicker, simpler, and less costly than existing methods. The TGC was asked to help assess the Asian market for this process and to investigate startup and operational issues. A TGC team based in Seoul, Korea accessed economic and healthcare usage data and conducted 24 face-to-face bilingual interviews including orthopedic surgeons, regulators at the Korea Food and Drug Administration and the Korea Health Insurance Review Agency, personnel in the client's Korean office and its local distributor. 

Final deliverables included market assessment of the Korean orthopedic market  (including physician and patient data), competition, government and regulatory issues, pricing, and manufacturing and distribution.  The client remarked on the team’s ability to successfully work through Korean business infrastructure to deliver cohesive recommendations from a US corporate point of view.


Market Assessment and Entry Strategy

The TGC team was asked by a leading global retailer to determine the opportunity in the ecommerce space in China and to provide actionable next steps to take advantage of this opportunity. Team members traveled throughout China to conduct interviews with various ecommerce players and industry consultants.

Deliverables included an in-depth analysis of the business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce market in China and a recommended strategy for a phased entry into the market.  The execution strategy included recommendations for targeted customers, geographic focus, product assortment, and logistics issues. The team also designed and conducted over 250 exit interviews with the client’s retail customers in three different cities.  This was the first TGC project for this client.  Based on the final deliverable, the client immediately engaged a second team to conduct a similar analysis of the business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce space in China.

Global construction equipment manufacturer


This client develops, manufactures, and markets products for the construction and building maintenance industries.  It is in the process of reviewing its global information technology (IT) strategy, which outlines the framework in which employees will operate over the next several years in support of the company’s business targets.  The strategic review has a strong focus on IT-enabled operational excellence, business process productivity, and IT cost management. The client wanted to more clearly understand the link between IT operations and business value creation through a robust set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

The TGC team was asked to critically analyze this link from the client’s internal perspective, as well as through external benchmarking, in order to provide an effective means to systematically evaluate the value of the client’s IT efforts. 

Based in Switzerland, the team conducted 42 separate interviews with relevant individuals internally and externally.   The final deliverable was an integrated framework for measuring value creation with eight suggested KPIs. The client found the team’s report insightful and began implementing several of the team’s suggestions even before the final report was delivered.