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This full-day conference will be held on Friday May 1st, 2009 at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. The conference will examine the duality between Chinese companies’ global expansion and foreign companies’ growth in China. The panelists will examine the strategy behind Chinese globalization efforts and the challenges the organizations face in the new markets. They will also address questions regarding the increasing role of multinational corporations in China’s growing economy.

Part I: China's Global Companies

China has been traditionally seen as a place where Western companies outsource production, but now Chinese companies are moving aggressively into overseas markets both through exports and acquisitions. From Lenovoís acquisition of IBMís PC business to Haierís attempt to buy Maytag, to Nanjing Automotiveís buying of MG Rover, Chinese companies are increasingly flexing their muscles in the global marketplace. More recently, the need for energy and commodities to fuel Chinaís rapidly growing economy has prompted Chinese companies to make multibillion dollar investments/acquisitions around the world. In the coming decades, the influence and the role of Chinese companies in the global economy are likely to grow substantially.

Keynote Address

Cuong Viet Do Tí89
Former Chief Strategy Officer
Lenovo Group Ltd.

Part II: Foreign Localization

While China is a lucrative market for multinational companies, it is also a challenge for foreign corporations - especially since they are competing with an increasing number of local companies who have better knowledge of the Chinese market. To be successful, multinational companies have to make an effort to understand the local culture, get closer to the local customers, offer more customized products, and localize management teams. Although there are mixed results, this trend toward foreign localization in China will undoubtedly continue.

Keynote Address

Annie Young Scrivner

Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Sales
Quaker Foods & Snacks
Former Region President of PepsiCo Foods China

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