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Field Study in International Business

FSIB Online Application


Please be sure to follow ALL of these steps:

  1. We encourage you to review the entire FSIB website and Student Handbook (available to the right in “Related Links”) as you apply.

  2. Complete and submit the online application form below.
    The * denotes required fields.

  3. Email ( PDFs of your current résumé and a one-page cover letter. The letter should explain:
    • why you wish to take this course
    • what skills you can bring to your team
    • how the course might fit in with your career plans, including career changes
    • what significant experiences you have had that you consider relevant to your acceptance to the course

  4. Although there is no formal interview process, the FSIB staff will be available to meet with individuals. Feel free to contact Professor Owens T'61 ( or Goran Todorovic ( directly by email to schedule a date/time.

  5. Please ensure that your passport is current and valid for at least six months AFTER the end date of the track in which you would like to participate (i.e., six months after the Winter Track is July 2012).

Personal Details

*First Name:  
Middle Initial:
*Last Name:
*Tuck Class:
*Student ID:

*Address (Line 1):
Address (Line 2):


Passport and Visa Information

*Date of Birth
*Country of Issue:
*Passport #:
*Passport Expiry
*Gov't Official: Yes No
*US Citizen: Yes No
Visa Type:
Visa Expiry


   I am enrolled in the Dartmouth Student Insurance Plan.
I have my own insurance coverage and would be covered abroad.
I am not covered and need to discuss this with you.

Emergency Contact

In case of emergency, please provide details of whom we should contact:

*Zip/Postal Code:
(Please include country code and number as dialed from the US)

Project Travel / Track Dates

*Preferred Track:   Summer (June - Sept)   Winter (Oct - Jan)    Either/No Preference

Summer Internship / Contact Information

*You must include a summer email address, even if NOT participating in an internship.  
  I am not participating in a summer internship.

Student Exchange Participation

*I will be on exchange during:   Fall Term    Winter Term    Not Applicable

*Project Preference by Industry (Select up to Three Choices)

Accounting Advertising/Marketing Consulting
Consumer Goods Education Energy/Utilities/Chemicals
Entertainment/Media Enviro Services Financial Services
Food/Hospitality Government Non-profit
Pharma/Health Care Real Estate Technology

*Project Preference by Function (Select up to Two Choices)

Biz Development Consulting Finance
General Mgmt HR Info Systems
Marketing Project Mgmt Strategy/Planning