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Research Partnerships

We are currently researching best practices for innovation with a central hypothesis that there are many different kinds of innovation requiring different organizational approaches. Our approach to research is to create thoughtful learning partnerships with corporations. We are seeking corporations that have made significant investments in innovation during the past few years, and that are anxious to learn through a study of their own efforts plus a comparison of their experiences to those of corporations in other industries.

With each partner, the center will gather information through document reviews and interviews. We will write case studies and analyses and draw conclusions based on comparisons between cases. We don't expect that any one case will represent a unique blueprint for success. Rather, we expect that each participating corporation will make an important contribution to a rich overall picture.

Partnership Benefits

Learn from yourself


Experience can be the best teacher, but you have to sign up for the course! By working with us, you'll be led through an independent, expert review of your own experience in managing a new an important venture. We will help you identify your own best practices as well as any unceccessary barriers.

Learn from others


Over time, we will accumulate case studies from many industries. We will share these case studies with you. In addition, to the extent possible, we will establish an informal network so that you can interact directly with other corporations in the study.

Lead your industry


You'll participate in the learning as it happens. We will distribute each case study as it is produced. You'll be well aware of our conclusions long before our book is published.

Train your organization


The case studies that we will produce, both about your organization and other organizations in the consortium, are excellent training materials and can be used within your own executive development programs.

Public relations


Your company will be highlighted in case studies used in leading MBA and executive education programs around the world. This can have a positive impact on recruiting activities. Furthermore, your company will be highlighted in the book that will be published as a culmination of this effort.

For additional details about our research process, including time commitments, sample interview questions, and disclosure agreement, please contact us.

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