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20 Years of Expertise

Professor Vijay Govindarajan, director of the Center for Global Leadership, has more than 20 years of expertise with organizational issues surrounding the successful implementation of strategic change. Here are some of his publications.


Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators — from Idea to Execution, Harvard Business School Publishing, 2005 (with Chris Trimble).

Global Strategy and Organization, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2003 (with Anil K. Gupta).

The Quest for Global Dominance, Jossey-Bass, 2001 (with Anil K. Gupta).

Management Control Systems. Richard D. Irwin, Tenth Edition, 2001 (with Robert N. Anthony). Translated into three foreign languages.

Strategic Cost Management: The New Tool for Competitive Advantage. The Free Press, 1993 (with John K. Shank). Translated into five foreign languages.

Strategic Cost Analysis. Richard D. Irwin, 1989 (with John K. Shank).

Edited Collections

The Many Facets of Leadership, Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2003 (edited by Marshall Goldsmith, Vijay Govindarajan, Beverly Kaye, and Albert A. Vincere).


"Organizational DNA for Strategic Innovation" California Management Review, Spring 2005 (with Chris Trimble).

"Building Breakthrough Businesses Within Established Organizations" Harvard Business Review, May 2005 (with Chris Trimble).

"Can Incumbents Introduce Radical and Disruptive Innovations?" Marketing Science Institute, 2004 (with Praveen Kopalle).

"Strategic Innovation and the Science of Learning," MIT Sloan Management Review, Winter 2004 (with Chris Trimble).

"Not All Profits are Equal," Across the Board, Oct/Sept 2002 (with Chris Trimble)

"Cultivating a Global Mindset," Academy of Management Executive, February 2002 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Building an Effective Global Business Team," MIT Sloan Management Review, Summer 2001 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Strategic Innovation: A Conceptual Road Map," Business Horizons, July-August 2001, 44(4):3 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Converting Global Presence into Global Competitive Advantage," Academy of Management Executive, May 2001 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Analysis of the Emerging Global Arena," European Management Journal, 2000, 18(3):274-284 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Knowledge Management's Social Dimension: Lessons from Nucor Steel," MIT Sloan Management Review, Fall 2000, 42(1):71-80 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Managing Global Expansion: A Conceptual Framework," Business Horizons, March-April 2000 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Taking Wal-Mart Global," Strategy and Business, Fourth Quarter 1999 17, (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Knowledge Flows Within Multinational Corporations," Strategic Management Journal, 2000, 21:473-496 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Antecedents of Feedback Seeking Behavior of Subsidiary Presidents in Multinational Corporations," Strategic Management Journal, 1999, 20:205-222 (with Anil K. Gupta and Ayesha Malhatra).

"Setting a course for the new global landscape," Mastering Global Business supplement, Financial Times, January 1998 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"How to build global presence," Mastering Global Business supplement, Financial Times, January 1998 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Turning global presence into global competitive advantage," Mastering Global Business supplement, Financial Times, February 1998 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Success is all in the mindset," Mastering Global Business supplement, Financial Times, February 1998 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Organizing for Knowledge Flows Within MNCs," International Business Review, 1995, 3(4):443-457 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Strategic Cost Management: The Value Chain Concept," Chapter in Handbook of Cost Management Warren, Gorham & Lamont, 1995 (with John K. Shank).

"Alternative Value Chain Configurations for Foreign Subsidiaries: Implications for Coordination and Control Within MNCs," In Building The Strategically Responsive Organization. Edited by Thomas, O'Neal, White and Hurst, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1994 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Measuring the 'Cost of Quality': A Strategic Cost Management Perspective" Journal of Cost Management, 1994, 8(2):5-17 (with John K. Shank).

"Coalignment Between Knowledge Flow Patterns and Strategic Systems and Processes Within MNCs," In Implementing Strategic Processes. Edited by Lorange, Chakravarthy, Roos, and Van de Ven, Basil, Blackwell Ltd., 1993 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"What 'Drives' Cost? A Strategic Cost Management Perspective," Advances in Management Accounting, 2, 1993, 2:27-46 (with John K. Shank).

"Incentive Compensation Design, Strategic Business Unit Mission, and Competitive Strategy," Journal of Management Accounting Research, Fall 1993, 5:129-144 (with Joe Fisher).

"Methodological Issues in Testing Contingency Theories: An Assessment of Alternative Approaches," Creative and Innovative Approaches to the Science of Management, edited by Yuji Ijiri, New York: Quorum Books, 1993 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Strategic Cost Management and The Value Chain," Journal of Cost Management, Winter 1992, 5(4):5-21 (with John K. Shank).

"Strategic Cost Management: The Value Chain Perspective," Journal of Management Accounting Research, Fall 1992, 4:179-197 (with John K. Shank).

"Strategic Cost Management: Tailoring Controls to Strategies," Journal of Cost Management, Fall 1992, 6(3):14-25 (with John K. Shank).

"Strategic Cost Analysis of Technology Investments," MIT Sloan Management Review, Fall 1992, 34(1):39-51 (with John K. Shank).

"Profit Center Manager Compensation: Impact of Market, Political, and Human Capital Factors," Strategic Management Journal, 1992 (with Joe Fisher).

"Knowledge Flows and Structure of Controls in Multinational Corporations," Academy of Management Review, October 1991, 16(4):768-792 (with Anil K. Gupta), .

"Impact of Output versus Behavior Controls and Resource Sharing on Performance: Strategy as a Mediating Variable," Academy of Management Journal, June 1990, 33(2):259-285 (with Joe Fisher).

"On Assessing a Firm's Cash Generating Ability," The Accounting Review, January 1990, 65(1):242-257 (with Ray Stephens).

"Implementing Competitive Strategies at the Business Unit Level: Implications of Matching Managers with Strategies," Strategic Management Journal, 1989, 10:251- 269.

"Profit Variance Analysis: A Strategic Focus," Issues in Accounting Education, 1989, 4(2):396-410 (with John K. Shank).

"Strategic Cost Analysis: The Crown Cork and Seal Case," Journal of Cost Management, Winter 1989, 2(4):5-16 (with John K. Shank).

"The Perils of Cost Allocation Based on Production Volumes," Accounting Horizons, December 1988, 2(4):71-79 (with John K. Shank).

"Strategic Cost Analysis: A Case Study," Journal of Cost Management, Fall 1988, 2(3):25-32 (with John K. Shank and Eric Spiegel). Reprinted in CAD/CAM: Management Strategies, 1:1-13.

"Transaction-Based Costing for the Complex Product Line: A Field Study," Journal of Cost Management, Summer 1988, 2(2):31-38 (with John K. Shank).

"A Contingency Approach to Strategy Implementation at the Business Unit Level: Integrating Administrative Mechanisms with Strategy," Academy of Management Journal, 1988, 31(4):828-853.

"Making Strategy Explicit in Cost Analysis: A Case Study," MIT Sloan Management Review (with John K. Shank), Spring 1988, 29(3):19-29.

"Decentralization, Strategy, and Effectiveness of Strategic Business Units in Multi-Business Organizations," Academy of Management Review, 1986, 11(4):844-856.

"Resource Sharing Among SBUs: Strategic Antecedents and Administrative Implications," Academy of Management Journal, 1986, 29(4):695-714 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Impact of Participation in the Budgetary Process on Managerial Attitudes and Performance: Universalistic and Contingency Perspectives," Decision Sciences, Fall 1986, 17(4):496-516.

"Cash Sufficiency: The Missing Link in Strategic Planning," The Journal of Business Strategy, Summer 1986, 88-95 (with John K. Shank).

"Linking Control Systems to Business Unit Strategy: Impact on Performance," Accounting, Organizations and Society, 1985, 51-66 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Use of Accounting Data in Product Pricing," Corporate Accounting, Spring 1984, 2(2):38-45.

"Appropriateness of Accounting Data in Performance Evaluation: Environmental Uncertainty as an Intervening Variable," Accounting, Organizations and Society, 1984, 9(2):125-135.

"Business Unit Strategy, Managerial Characteristics, and Business Unit Effectiveness at Strategy Implementation," Academy of Management Journal, March 1984, 27(1):25-41 (with Anil K.Gupta).

"The Contingent Relationship Between the Controller and Internal Audit Functions in Large Organizations," Accounting, Organizations and Society, 1984, 9(2):179-188 (with J.G. San Miguel).

"Build, Hold, Harvest: Converting Strategic Intentions into Reality," Journal of Business Strategy, Winter 1984, 4(3):34-47 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"How to Use Cost Data in Pricing Decisions," Management Accounting, July 1983, 30-37 (with Robert N. Anthony).

"Effects of Audits on the Behavior of Medical Professionals under Bennett Amendment," Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, Winter 1982, 1(2):69-90 (with N.C. Churchill and W.W. Cooper).

"The Objectives of Financial Statements: An Empirical Study of the Use of Cash Flow and Earnings by Security Analysts," Accounting, Organizations and Society, 1980, 5(4):383-392.

"An Examination of Alternative Forms of Regulatory Mechanisms: The Case of the Health Care Industry," Quantitative Planning and Control, edited by Yuji Ijiri and A. Whinston, Academic Press, 1979 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Objectives of Financial Reporting by Business Enterprise: Some Evidence on User Preferences," Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, Summer 1979, 2(4):339-343.

"Evaluation of Social Programs: Some Thoughts on the Role Accountants," The Accounting Journal 1978, 1(2):318-323 (with J.D. Pond).

"Developments in Comprehensive Auditing and Suggestions for Research," Symposium on Auditing Research II, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1977, 197-220 (with N.C. Churchill, W.W. Cooper, J.D. Pond and J.G. San Miguel).

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"Knowledge Flow Patterns, Subsidiary Strategic Roles, and Strategic Control Within MNCs," Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, August 1991 (with Anil K. Gupta).

"Congruence Between Controls and Business Unit Strategies: Implications for Business Unit Performance and Managerial Job Satisfaction," Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, edited by Frank Hoy, August 1988 (with Joe Fisher).

"An Empirical Examination of Linkages Between Strategy, Managerial Characteristics, and Performance at the Business Unit Level," Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, edited by K.E. Chung, August 1982 (with Anil K. Gupta).

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