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The CEO Speaker Series seeks to enhance the learning environment at Tuck and the Dartmouth community at large by giving students, faculty, administrators, alumni, and local residents an opportunity to interact with CEOs and senior executives on their most critical issues. Speakers benefit by raising the profile of their organization for recruiting at Tuck, and by establishing the foundation for an ongoing intellectual partnership with the center.

While subject matter varies, speakers are encouraged to address the central issue which preoccupies today's CEOs: meeting the challenges of globalization and the digital revolution by creating, growing, and profiting from entirely new ways of doing business. Speakers also include more personal topics, such as a tough career lesson, reflections on the role of business in society, or the most enjoyable aspects of being the CEO.

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January 13, 2004
Joseph Grano John P. Morgridge
Chairman of the Board of Cisco Systems Inc.
"Culture takes a lot of time to develop. You have to work at it continuously. You have to reinforce it. There are all kinds of techniques as to how you build culture. One of the ones that I'm most proud of is giving back. We have a very strong culture at our company of giving back."
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Career Highlights:

Morgridge joined Cisco in 1988 as President & CEO. He was appointed Chairman of the Board in 1995.

During Morgridge's tenure, Cisco grew from $5 million in sales to over $1 billion, and from 34 employees to over 2,260 employees.

He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 1997 as part of Climb for CARE II.

Great Leadership: From the Gut, From the Heart, or From the Mind?

October 3, 2002
Joseph Grano Joseph J. Grano, Jr.
Chairman and CEO of UBS PaineWebber
"Half of good management is asking good questions. From risk management to balance sheet deployment—asking good, common sense questions gives me the power to decide."
Download the speech (PDF) »

Career Highlights:

Named president of PaineWebber in 1994, after serving as president of retail sales and marketing and having spent 16 years with Merrill Lynch. Named chairman of UBS PaineWebber in 2001.

Served in the U.S. Special Forces (Green Berets); became one of the Army's youngest officers.

Recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and the Ellis Island Legends Award.

September 23, 2002
Indra Nooyi Indra K. Nooyi
President and CFO, PepsiCo
"I believe that, ideally, a business leader should continually reassess and reevaluate the fundamental proposition of his or her business. Maybe every two years. Maybe every year."
Download the speech (PDF) »
Download the question & answer segment (PDF) »

Career Highlights:

PepsiCo stock reached a five-year high after her promotion to President.

Ranked the 4th most powerful woman in business by Fortune magazine in 2002.

Plays guitar and sings pop songs.

September 18, 2002
Jack Welch Jack Welch
Former Chairman and CEO of General Electric
"Everyone wants the chance to do their thing, to grow, to flourish, to reach their dreams...that's what I believe leadership is all about."
Download the speech (PDF) »

Career Highlights:

Joined GE in 1960 and in 1981, became the eighth chairman and CEO in the company's 121-year history. He was the youngest CEO & chairman of GE at age 44.

His memoirs, "Jack: Straight from the Gut," describe his leadership style: down to earth, powerful, and filled with common sense.

Red Sox fanatic.


April 23, 2002
Fidel Ramos The Honorable Fidel V. Ramos
Former President of the Republic of the Philippines and Chairman, Ramos Peace and Development (RPDEV) Foundation
"When poor peoples break through to sufficient levels of income, health, and literacy, they could—on their own—sustain the gains of development. In this regard, building self-reliance and micro-entrepreneurship should be given top priority..."
Download the speech (PDF) »

Career Highlights:

12th President of the Republic of the Philippines (1992–1998)

Following the Philippine presidential elections of 1986, in which President Ferdinand Marcos claimed victory despite allegations of large-scale electoral fraud, Ramos (then Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces) and Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile supported Marcos' opponent, Corazon Aquino. Their defection sparked the civilian "People Power" movement that forced Marcos into exile.

Father of five daughters

November 13, 2001
Michael Dolan Michael Dolan
CEO, Young & Rubicam Inc.
"Advertising provides a satisfying combination of the analytical and the emotional. It's an experience quite unlike that available at any other type of professional services firm. At the end of the process is a creative product—art for commerce's sake—that can drive truly phenomenal results."

Career Highlights:

Joined Young & Rubicam in 1996

Previously worked as President and CEO of Snack Ventures Europe, a joint venture between PepsiCo Foods International and General Mills. Also worked at Booz Allen & Hamilton and J.P. Morgan

Received a PhD in medieval literature

October 4, 2001
Russ Lewis Russ Lewis
President and CEO, The New York Times Company
Presentation: Creating the News Media Organization of the Future
"Lewis' Rule: There are always ten times as many people in an organization who want to tell you what's wrong with a proposed plan of action than there are people who are willing to propose the course of action in the first place. Try to surround yourself with people who are more comfortable doing the latter."

Career Highlights:

Named CEO in 1997.

Worked as a First Amendment Attorney in a private law firm.

Began his career at the New York Times Company as a copy boy while attending college.

Inaugural Season Speakers, 2000–2001

December 7, 2000
John Pepper John Pepper
Chairman of the Board, Procter and Gamble
Presentation: Managing Consumer Products in the Internet Age
"The purpose of the organizational design is twofold: to enable you to build great brands and to allow great people to develop. You have to measure the use of digital technology against these two metrics."

Career Highlights:

37-year international career at Procter and Gamble

Served as CEO from 1995 to 1999. Now serves as Chairman of the Board

Former officer in the U.S. Navy

November 13, 2000
Orit Gadiesh Orit Gadiesh
Chairman of the Board, Bain and Company

Presentation: Transforming Industries and Organizations: The Agenda for CEOs
"An organization's True North is what remains constant, regardless of circumstance. It's not a mission statement. It's not a set of core competences. It's the character that actuates the organization."

Career Highlights:

Named to Fortune's list of 50 most powerful women in business

Board member: Digitas Inc., Peres Institute for Peace, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Former Israeli high-jump champion

October 4, 2000
Meg Whitman Meg Whitman
President and CEO, eBay
Presentation: Fulfilling the Promise of the Internet
"eBay created an entirely new business: online community commerce. It's an efficient marketplace with no inventory, no sales force, and user-generated content. It's a perfect application for the web. There is no traditional analogue."

Career Highlights:

Named to Business Week's list of Top 25 Managers, 2000

Other career stops: Bain & Company, Disney, Stride-Rite, FTD, Hasbro

Loves fly fishing

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