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Research Partnerships

Our approach to research is to create a thoughtful learning partnership amongst approximately 10 corporations and the Center for Global Leadership. We are seeking corporations that have made significant investments in risky new ventures during the past five years, and that are anxious to learn through a study of their own efforts plus a comparison of their experiences to those of corporations in other industries.

With each partner, the center will gather information through document reviews and interviews. We will write a case study and analysis and draw conclusions based on comparisons between cases. We don't expect that one case will represent a unique blueprint for success. Rather, we expect that each participating corporation will make an important contribution to a rich overall picture.

The most ideal ventures for our study will meet the following criteria.

The venture is uncertain and experimental. It represents a distinct new business model. It is not simply a line extension or a geographic expansion.

The venture is having or will have an impact on the rest of the corporation, through managerial engagement or operational integration.

The venture has been generating revenues for at least one year.

There has been a significant upfront investment in the new venture, relative to the earnings of the corporation, with an expectation of high returns.

Most of the original management team is still working on the venture or can be contacted for interviews.

The venture's story will be compelling for readers and has not already been told.

For additional details about our research process, including time commitments, sample interview questions, and disclosure agreements, please contact us.

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