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Vijay Govindarajan, the director of the center, is a member of the strategy faculty at the Tuck School. Other members of the Tuck faculty who focus on strategy are listed below. The Tuck School also supports four other research centers —each with a unique audience and research focus.

Tuck Strategy Faculty

Sydney Finkelstein Sydney Finkelstein, Steven Roth Professor of Management
Professor Finkelstein has focused his research efforts on learning from corporate mistakes; strategic leadership; leadership in Internet companies; and learning from mergers and acquisitions.

His in-depth research into corporate mistakes will be published by Penguin-Putnam in a new book due out in June 2003. Companies that are profiled in the book include Barney's, Cendant, Conseco, Levis, Mattel, Rite Aid, Johnson & Johnson, and Rubbermaid. Through his research, Professor Finkelstein has identified and defined four explicable sources of corporate mistakes that business managers can use to diagnose potential pitfalls in their own organizations. He has investigated four sources in detail:
- Organizational mindset failures
- Protective mechanisms
- Organizational breakdowns
- Leadership pathologies
Learn more about Professor Finkelstein's new book Why Smart Executives Fail »

A previous article, "Learning from Corporate Mistakes: The Rise and Fall of Iridium," was published in Organizational Dynamics (Volume 29, Issue 2, November 2000). Professor Finkelstein's first book, Strategic Leadership: Top Executives and their Effects on Organizations, continues to be required reading for doctoral students in strategy in more than a dozen universities around the world.

Recent Publications
"The Myth of Managerial Superiority in Internet Startups: An Autopsy," Organizational Dynamics, November 2001.

Read articles about Syd Finkelstein and his research:
"The Consulting Professor" (Tuck Today, Summer 2002) »
"Learning from Corporate Mistakes" (Tuck Forum, Winter 2002) »

View Syd Finkelstein's faculty profile »

Richard D'Aveni Richard A. D'Aveni, Professor of Strategic Management
Professor D'Aveni's research focus has been on global corporations and how they compete for and use spheres of influence; the dynamics of industry evolution; and strategies for mixing cooperative and competitive actions.

His most recent book, Strategic Supremacy: How Industry Leaders Create Growth, Wealth and Power through Spheres of Influence, was published by The Free Press (December 2001). The book outlines strategies for global leaders who deal with revolutionaries, disrupters, and hypercompetitors in hundreds of countries—but can't afford to respond to them all. He argues that the "rule makers," as opposed to rule takers and rule breakers, still rule. By changing the balance of power among players in an industry, a company can flex its strategic supremacy muscle and lead the market.

Recent Publications
"The Empire Strikes Back: Counter-Revolutionary Strategies for Industry Leaders," Harvard Business Review, November 2002.
"Competitive Pressure Systems: Mapping and Managing Multi-Market Contact," Sloan Management Review, October 2002.

View Rich D'Aveni's faculty profile »

Constance Helfat Constance E. Helfat, Professor of Strategy and Technology
Professor Helfat has focused her research on external CEOs and firm performance, evolution of firm capabilities, and knowledge management and innovation. She is actively involved in a research project on the human capital and job responsibilities of female executives as compared with male executives in major U.S. corporations.

View Connie Helfat's faculty profile »

Andrew A. King Andrew A. King, Associate Professor of Business Administration
Professor King's research focuses on opportunities for industry self-regulation, responses to new technologies and new markets, and antecedents to profitable greening. One of his most recent publications "The Role of Experience in the Creation of Dynamic Capabilities," appeared in Management Science, 2002.

View Andy King's faculty profile »

Alva Taylor Alva H. Taylor, Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Professor Taylor's research and teaching interests are in innovation, internal corporate entrepreneurship, strategic change, and managerial risk taking.

View Alva Taylor's faculty profile »

Margaret Peteraf Margaret A. Peteraf, Associate Professor of Business Administration
Professor Peteraf's research is in the areas of competitive strategy, resource based theory, and industrial organization. Her most recent publications include a Special Issue of Managerial and Decision Economics, with Walter Ferrier, entitled "The Dynamics, Context, and Consequences of Strategy" (June-August, 2002). Her paper with Mark Bergen, entitled "Scanning Dynamic Competitive Landscapes: A Customer- and Resource-Based Framework" is forthcoming in the Strategic Management Journal. She is the program chair elect of the Business Policy and Strategy Division of the Academy of Management.

View Margie Peteraf's faculty profile »

Tuck Research Centers

Center for Corporate Governance

Grounded in the field of modern finance, the center researches key issues facing the capital markets and investment banking industry.
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This center looks at how the Internet revolution is transforming both the practice of management and of management education.
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Glassmeyer/McNamee Center for Digital Strategies

Center for Private Equity and Entrepreneurship

The center aims to advance the understanding of private equity investing—the engine behind the entrepreneurial activity that drives global innovation and productivity.
Visit the center's website »

The center is dedicated to education and research on the economic, social, and political factors that affect business in emerging markets.
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Center for International Business

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