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About the Center

Leadership of corporations just keeps getting tougher.

Not long ago it was sufficient to master the nuances of a focused geographic market. But today, every business must be considered a global business. Overseas markets present the most promising growth opportunities, and fierce competition can come from any corner of the globe.

In addition, the twin forces of globalization and digital revolution have created a business environment that is changing more quickly than ever before. Simply finding your bearings is difficult enough. But establishing direction is only the beginning. A brilliant strategy, without talented execution, only looks good on paper.

To turn vision into reality, CEOs choose reporting structures, encourage specific leadership styles, define approaches to staffing initiatives, focus attention on selected performance measures, design planning processes, shape culture, facilitate specific interactions, and more. The choices can be daunting, even overwhelming, because the possible combinations are endless and the rationales highly abstract.

The Center for Global Leadership, directed by Professor Vijay Govindarajan, builds and shares expertise on the most challenging leadership and strategy implementation issues faced by CEOs of global corporations. For example, the center is currently focused on a multi-year research effort that will identify the best practices for implementing risky new ventures within corporations.

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Diagram: Center for Global Leadership Mission To generate insights, the center: develops partnerships with global corporations, conducts research, and shares its expertise through teaching. Through frequent interaction with executives, we ensure that our latest thinking is consistent with the realities of the marketplace.

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