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Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth Launches New Research Center

To advance the world's best business practices, the Tuck School has created research centers dedicated to global business scholarship and education. These state-of-the-art centers provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among international students, faculty, and experts in business and government. They aim to produce strategies to meet the complex challenges facing business in the new century. The Center for Corporate Governance is one of these research centers.

In 1819 Dartmouth College won a Supreme Court case that paved the way for private American institutions to conduct their affairs without interference from the state. By strengthening the contract clause of the Constitution, this landmark case planted the seeds of the modern corporation. The Center for Corporate Governance is founded in the spirit of this great Dartmouth legacy. Dedicated to the study of how governance structures of the modern corporation should adapt to increasing global competition, the center performs research and offers teaching programs aimed at understanding how international differences in contract laws, capital markets, and ownership structures affect the design of an efficient corporate governance system. The center's activities are aimed at top-level managers, current and prospective board members, large private and institutional investors, the government, as well as academics across the disciplines of law and financial economics.